About us

At Zycon Media we are working towards producing high quality live action and animated television programmes and feature films mainly for children and family audiences, however most recently have entered into agreements on other genres with adult themes.  


Our approach has been simple, we work as a co-producer with other production companies with their IP or ideas that we have developed, we then raise finance, from pre-sales, distribution guarantees, tax credits, debt financing or striaght up private investment.

On foreign co-productions we like to act as the point of contact with broadcasters and commissioners.


We are working towards launching our first animation studio in Canada from fall of 2018, so tend to work with other studio partners either work for hire or co-producers, we like to be hands on in pre-production and post production services within our worksplit and financing models.


Our vision


"To Create, Acquire, Finance, and produce globally manage audio-visual properties capable of becoming international cross-platforms entertainment brands"














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