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By Khalid, Jul 13 2016 01:21PM

Pre-production on Yugo Channel begins with 2018 delivery deadline!!

Working with our Head of Development Colin Davis and Executive Producer Mark Byers on storylines, scripting for this amazing 52 episodes preschool animation series!

Thank you Lionel Marty and everyone at APC Kids for securing broadcaster and letting this journey begin!

Watch this space as we will be recruiting soon!!!

Storyboard artists

Art Directors

Character and props designers

Episode Directors


By Khalid, Apr 27 2016 04:32PM

I would like to congratulate Studio Mir and the team behind, this amazing animation. Especialy Mark Byers, who is an Executive Producer on this amazing project. I remember two and half years ago, when I first saw the trailer entitled 'DA HAI' and fell in love with the project instantly.

It was then that I made contact with Mark Byers to congratulate them on a potentially wonderful project, rest is history as we are now very good friends and partners on our forthcoming projects

5 Animated movies and 1 preschool animation series 'The Yugo Channel', what a journey it has been to kick start the projects and now we look forward to the long road ahead!!!

By Khalid, Apr 25 2016 04:38PM



what a week it has been in Beijing (15th April - 21st April). I'm really looking forward to working on our first feature film with DeZerlin 'Wanhoo' and his amazing team

Sharon was a tremendous help in getting around and communicating at meetings, Thank you Sharon and Lin for all your support.

At times, I was an uncontrollable wreck at DeZerlin office in Beijing, with joy especially meeting and discussing ideas with Lin's team of highly talented individuals who come together as a strong creative team who share the same passion to make wonderful films as I do!!

Logan Lee and Jasmine what a great pair of artists! I saw Mark Byers directing his film, what a treat!

Erika a superstar in logistics and project co-ordination and Mel held the fort together nicely in the office!

Harlom, Executive Producer who spent many hours learning few words in English so he can welcome me!

We set a challenge that next year, I will have a conversation with him in Mandarin and he in English for FIVE MINUTES!!!



I've got a horror story to tell you (Harlom and Sharon list to Mo)
I've got a horror story to tell you (Harlom and Sharon list to Mo)
Sharon, Lin, Mo, Jasmine, Mel, Mark
Sharon, Lin, Mo, Jasmine, Mel, Mark

By Khalid, Mar 18 2016 03:31PM


Looking forward to attending the 5th Annual Film Festival in Beijing next month from April 16th - 24th and officially launching our forthcoming co-production project with DeZerlin

If you're attending the festival please reach out be good to meet new people and friends at the event

By Khalid, Oct 20 2015 10:02AM


Check it out!

I'm planning to go this year to Cartoon Digital


Well look at the programme, it looks amazing (the link)

Cartoon Digital will look at:

• New audience behaviours: the challenges and opportunities raised by the many new ways children are interacting with content (MCN Networks and broadcasters’ approaches)

• New formats: how producers are engaging with kids to create digital animation programmes, brands, multiplatform properties (Lagardère Active, Ankama, TOONYOU.COM, HoHo Entertainment, …)

• New platforms: their maturity and their contribution to producers’ revenues and new business models for iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, … (Wuaki.tv, X-MEDIA Digital, Momedia TV)

• New synergies with book publishers, game companies and toy manufacturers (Bayard Animation Jeunesse, Ravensburger Digital, Tant Mieux Prod, …)

• Digital marketing and distribution: self-learning tools and techniques to make your online content viral and profitable (VRT Research and Innovation, KWEB)

• Public and Private funding for digital and interactive programmes (Pictanovo, Wallimage Creative, IPR.VC, Eye Present, Bayard Animation Jeunesse)

• Plus Case-studies with ‘thinking out of the box’ approaches (using 3D real time engine, vlogs, etc…)

By Khalid, Oct 20 2015 09:57AM

I think it's time we focused on developing our website!

Don't you agree!!

No time like the past! or was it future!!

By Khalid, Oct 20 2015 09:54AM

Yes, we are working with our US Distributor on sourcing amazing animation feature films for North America DVD/SVOD markets in this small window frame!

We are really enjoying this opportunity and already have had some really cool projects put forward!

Let's see where this journey takes us.............

By Khalid, Oct 20 2015 09:49AM

WANHOO Greenlighted as the first co-production project to go into development from the Zycon DeZerlin movie slate

Happy Days!!!

Especially when you get a message from your investor saying 'Get ready for years of work in weeks!'

Now that's the spirit!

As a friend of mine would say 'Onwards and Upwards'!!!

By Khalid, Sep 3 2015 12:03PM

Zycon Media has optioned the adaptation rights for Lu Hersey novel 'Deep Water'. We look forward to working on our first live action feature film during 2016 with this project and are also in discussion with Ben Illis (Literary agent) on several other properties

Exciting times!!!

By Khalid, Sep 3 2015 12:00PM

Zycon Media has signed a deal memo for the co-production of 'The Yugo Channel' a preschool animation series based upon the YUGO franchise

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